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News ARTBA November 04, 2004
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Most Nov. 2 voters said "yes" to an increase in taxes in order to fund transportation improvements. In total, the revenue measures would generate at least $28 billion in new revenue for transportation infrastructure work, according to a review by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

Reflecting growing transportation infrastructure demands across the nation, Americans in 21 states voted on at least 55 transportation funding-related ballot initiatives in this year's election. This was a nearly 40% increase over the number of such ballot questions decided in 2002.

Of the 55 ballot measures, 46--more than 80%--asked voters to initiate, extend or increase taxes to fund transportation improvements. Thirty-six--78% of the bond and tax measures--were approved. This included all 12 bond measures proposed to raise capital for transportation projects. Voters in eight states approved 10 of 17 ballot measures that will levy a new tax dedicated to transportation programs. Approval to increase existing transportation-related taxes was given in five of seven ballot measures. Nine of 10 measures to increase existing transportation funding mechanisms also were approved.

Large majorities in two states--Missouri (79%) and California (84%)--told the state government to stop using highway user revenue to fund non-transportation programs or services, according to ARTBA.

A summary of these and other transportation measures decided Nov. 2 can be accessed at

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