Mitchell Street Bridge to be replaced

Georgia DOT to use ARRA funds to replace deteriorating bridge in downtown Atlanta

News United States Department of Transportation July 19, 2010
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The Georgia Department of Transportation will be replacing the deteriorating Mitchell Street Bridge, which closed to traffic in March 2008, with $8.8 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), according to Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez.

The new bridge, crossing over the Norfolk Southern Railroad, serves as a vital link to Atlanta by reconnecting parts of downtown and improving traffic in various downtown attraction areas, including the Atlanta Federal Center, the Georgia Dome and the CNN Center.

“Recovery funds are making communities safer and stronger here in Atlanta and across the country,” Mendez said. “By helping to reopen and rebuild vital transportation links, we are strengthening not just the infrastructure but also the economy.”

The Mitchell Street Bridge, first built in 1924 and reconstructed in 1940, carries more than 6,800 vehicles daily, including heavy trucks, transit buses and daily commuters.

Georgia’s share of $895.7 million, out of the total $26.6 billion ARRA funds, is expected to complete 369 projects. Of the 369 projects, 71 have been completed and 252 are under way.

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