Meteorlogix awarded patent on GIS-based automated weather alert system

News Meteorlogix October 20, 2004
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Minneapolis-based Meteorlogix was recently issued a U.S. patent for its GIS (Geographical Information System) Based Automated Weather Alert Notification System.

"Meteorlogix can now provide improved location-specific weather support to businesses," said Ron Sznaider, vice president of business development, Meteorlogix. "We have engineered an innovative merge of GIS technology with geo-referenced weather information resulting in an automated, location-based monitoring and alert system, with targeted message distribution."

Meteorlogix's U.S. patent (No. 6,753,784) describes weather applications for GIS technology. Meteorlogix software cross-references weather with business assets--where they're located and which set of weather parameters are of particular interest.

For example, a golf course will want to know if lightning is expected to hit their course and can now take necessary actions to keep golfers and employees safe. Airports want to know about reduced visibility levels and highway construction crews are concerned about the onset of rain on their newly poured concrete.

The weather parameters differ depending on the line of work and the varying types of weather conditions a business is concerned about. The selection of weather parameters and thresholds is entirely configured by the user.

Meteorlogix's database also indicates who at a business needs to be contacted should weather conditions exceed the alert thresholds specified. The primary contact is notified when specified weather stands to hit their location. To follow the golf example, when lightning is expected to hit a golf course, the golf course manager is contacted. The secondary contact might be the greens superintendent.

The system can continue to make additional notifications until the message is received and verified. The final option is how the contact person receives their weather alert--this can happen via cell phone, PDA, e-mail or pager--making sure no matter where key management personnel are located, they are kept up to date on developing weather conditions affecting their particular worksite.

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