ITS: European Commission launches urban mobility web portal

Site provides planning, implementation resources from EU-funded projects

November 13, 2014

Transportation management agencies and individuals across Europe now have access to a wealth of new resources following the launch of the Eltis urban mobility web portal last week.

A product of the European Commission, Eltis is designed as an information hub on various European Union (EU)-funded projects related to urban mobility. The idea is that local and regional transportation authorities can share and exchange cutting-edge ideas to reduce congestion.

Eltis’ contents include case studies from around Europe, the latest news, technical documents and other resources, as well as overviews of the latest EU legislation and support programs related to urban mobility.

The target audience for Eltis includes municipal officials—focused on both policy and technical matters—subject experts, service providers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), interest groups and professional associations related to transportation, energy and the environment.