Florida TMC implements Citilog's intelligent video surveillance cameras

Citilog provides intelligent video surveillance to the SMART SunGuide Traffic Management Center in Florida

News Citilog December 13, 2006
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The SMART SunGuide Traffic Management Center is the communication hub for traffic information along I-95 and I-595 in Broward County, Fla. Based in Fort Lauderdale, this traffic management center (TMC) monitors and controls the freeway management system and serves as the headquarters for its Intelligent Transportation System's (ITS) operations and maintenance.

This innovative TMC utilizes a breakthrough approach to video surveillance. Most TMCs use their video surveillance systems in passive manner by simply streaming the video for operators to review once an incident is called into the center. Citilog's solution allows the SMART SunGuide TMC to utilize its video surveillance system in a proactive way by automatically reviewing the video streams from all its cameras and providing operators with alerts when incidents occur. Citilog's solution improves incident management productivity, dispatch, response time and performance measurement by providing early detection, incident verification and most importantly, user safety.

Citilog's solution is fully integrated into the incident management software of SMART SunGuide and alarms are automatically displayed on operators' workstations.

The solution has been installed by Fortran Traffic Systems, an experienced and long-term partner of Citilog in Canada and the U.S.

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