Direct Surety

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1135 Farragut Blvd.
Foster City, CA
(855) 650-7310

Direct Surety is positioned to be the leading U.S. provider of contract surety bonds enabling contractors to go direct to a surety underwriter rather than through a broker network. Direct Surety believes in empowering contractors to grow and prosper by connecting decision makers, promoting transparency, and offering tools to improve their operations and surety credit limits.

The company’s primary focus is providing contract surety bonds directly to contractors, eliminating the need for a middleman and promoting a strong relationship directly with a surety underwriter. Direct Surety is led by an outstanding team comprised of experts from the construction industry, technology space and field of surety.

• Work directly with the decision maker for your next construction bond. • Get larger bonds at a better price when you go direct. • Construction Bonds up to $25 Million. Visit or call...

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