CONNECTED VEHICLES: U.S. DOT launches community resource website for connected-vehicle pilot programs

Agency hoping to kick off pilots in several regions in 2015

Telematics in Transport News U.S. DOT July 15, 2014
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U.S. DOT has announced plans for several regional connected vehicle pilot projects in different parts of the U.S., and a new website has been established to help educate interested stakeholders about this potential opportunity. U.S. DOT plans to release a request for proposals for the pilot program in early 2015.   


These pilots will serve as initial implementations of connected-vehicle technology deployed in real-world settings with the aim of delivering near-term safety, mobility and environmental benefits to the public.   


Details about the program can be found at   


The new website includes:


  • Latest news about the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program;
  • A downloadable fact sheet;
  • Examples of how local communities can participate in the pilot program;
  • A list of proposed applications;
  • A high-level roadmap outlining how the program will be rolled out; and
  • A proposed program schedule.


The U.S. DOT connected-vehicle research program is a multimodal initiative that aims to enable safe, interoperable networked wireless communications among vehicles, infrastructure and personal communications devices. Connected-vehicle research is sponsored by the DOT and others to leverage the potentially transformative capabilities of wireless technology to make surface transportation safer, smarter and greener. Research has resulted in a considerable body of work supporting pilot deployments, including concepts of operations and prototyping for more than two dozen applications. Concurrent federal research efforts developed critical cross-cutting technologies and other enabling capabilities required to integrate and deploy applications.


U.S. DOT envisions multiple pilot deployments with an initial wave starting in calendar year 2015.



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