Compact track loaders

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Three new Alpha Series compact track loaders from Case Construction Equipment provide best-in-class horsepower and breakout force. The new Case compact track loaders deliver 74 hp in the TR270 and 90 hp in both the TR320 and TV380. Rated operating capacities range from 2,700 to 3,800 lb. The TR270 and TR320 are radial-lift models. The TV380 is a vertical-lift model. As in the earlier 400 Series 3 models, the new Case compact track loaders feature a dozer-style undercarriage, engineered to hold fast on steep slopes and take command of muddy or sandy terrain. The undercarriage has a rigid track frame with fewer moving parts, so it is more durable and easier to maintain than suspension track systems. Improved visibility, operator comfort, climate management and operator controls define the new Case Alpha Series machines. The new Power Stance chassis design features a longer wheelbase for added stability. Electro-hydraulic switchable controls are available on all Alpha Series models. This is especially helpful when two or more operators run the equipment and can easily switch between control patterns based on individual preference.

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