Bobcat PCF64

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Bobcat PCF34, PCF64


The Bobcat PCF34 and PCF64 flattop plate compactor attachments offer enhanced compatibility with Bobcat M-Series excavators. Mounting changes to the top of the plate, including the use of a bolt-on breaker cap, provide new trench compaction capabilities to the E80 excavator. The largest excavator offered by Bobcat Company, the E80 features a maximum dig depth of 15 ft 6 in. and a maximum reach of 24 ft 5 in. 


Applications for the plate compactor attachment include compacting trenches, footings and slab areas. Other applications include driving piles when building retaining walls and compacting spoil. The compact design of the plate enables compacting even in hard-to-reach areas like down in trenches and on slopes. Shock mounts distribute vibration evenly while keeping the attachment level, increasing stability and improving compaction efficiency.

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