Weed control

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Overdrive herbicide from BASF Professional Vegetation Management is a postemergent product for the control of annual, perennial and biennial broadleaf weeds. Because it provides fast, long-term control, Overdrive is particularly well suited for roadside vegetation management in guardrail, median and right-of-way areas. Compared with other roadside vegetation-management products, when used alone or in combination with other growth-regulator herbicides, Overdrive provides greater broad-spectrum control of vegetation, including kochia, Canada thistle, musk thistle, pigweed, Russian thistle, teasel and marestail.

Because it can be applied at low-use rates, Overdrive helps reduce application costs and increase weed-control effectiveness, while still providing long-term control. The active ingredient in Overdrive collects in the plant’s key growing points, resulting in the plant’s speedy decline. Researchers have found that when compared with commonly accepted application amounts for other products, a smaller application of Overdrive can provide effective long-term control that is equal to or more effective when used with non-ionic surfactant or methylated seed oil to improve dispersing or wetting properties of the spray mixture.

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