Jacksonville Transportation Authority to expand downtown transit with AV technology

Sept. 15, 2021

The approximately $44 million project is supported by a $12.5 million BUILD grant

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has selected Stantec to design and build Phase 1 of the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) Program, called The Bay Street Innovation Corridor.

The goal of this program is to transform downtown Jacksonville through modernization and expansion of its downtown transit circulator to accommodate autonomous vehicles (AV) and enhance overall mobility, according to a press release.

Stantec will work with the Balfour Beatty Vision 2 Reality (V2R) Team on the project. The design firm will provide AV planning and integration design, intelligent transportation system (ITS) infrastructure design, AV policy counsel, and public outreach support.

The U2C is the JTA’s vision for the conversion and expansion of the Skyway automated people mover (APM) system in Downtown Jacksonville and the surrounding neighborhoods. The three-phase U2C includes the Bay Street Innovation Corridor, the full conversion of the Skyway superstructure, and the expansion into nearby neighborhoods. When completed, the system will expand the current Skyway from a 2.5-mile system to the 10-mile U2C, leveraging the latest autonomous vehicle technologies.

“Jacksonville is stepping into a leadership role in transportation innovation in North America,” Kate Jack, Smart Mobility Sector Leader at Stantec, said in a statement. “The JTA recognizes the potential of AVs and has launched a program that will truly transform transportation in the city to the benefits of residents and visitors alike.”

To deliver the project, Stantec will help deliver smart infrastructure including coordinating the installation of a 5G network, vehicle to infrastructure connected technology, and a traffic management center to allow for AV integration. Work will also include supporting the AV deployment including operational risk assessment and operational design domain evaluation. Stantec’s smart mobility policy experts will provide counsel on AV policy updates and funding opportunities at the state and federal level.

The approximately $44 million project is fully funded and supported by local, in-kind, state, and federal funds including the $12.5 million BUILD grant awarded to the JTA in 2019.


SOURCE: Stantec