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TOLLING: Kansas, Oklahoma turnpike authorities agree to toll-tag interoperability

March 28, 2014
The Kansas Turnpike Authority has entered into an agreement with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority for the two systems’ electronic toll collection programs to be interoperable by...
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TOLLING: Field test results released for toll collection smartphone application

Feb. 18, 2014
Drivers may soon be able to pay tolls by smartphone thanks to new technology being developed by Florida-based GeoToll. GeoToll CEO Tim McGuckin discussed the results of a recent...
Transportation Management

MBUFs: Meeting at the milepost

Dec. 26, 2013
In 1903, Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson became the first person to cross the U.S. by automobile. The trip took the Vermont physician 65 days in a 20-hp Winton, raising dry clouds ...
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TOLLING: Texas DOT proposes managed lanes northeast of San Antonio

Oct. 29, 2013
Texas DOT (TxDOT) proposed construction of a 15-mile elevated highway on I-35 with the goal of relieving congestion on I-35, especially near its conjunction with I-410. The...
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TOLLING: Stretch on I-30 in Texas will be tolled

Sept. 27, 2013
Instead of an extra person, motorists around the Austin and Dallas area are going to have to make sure they have extra change in their toll account.