Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Bridge awards

Roads & Bridges' Top 10 Bridge awards, created in 2000, recognize the top projects in North America. Each year, nominations are submitted to the R&B editorial staff, which determines the Top 10 list based on project challenges, impact to region and scope of work.

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Position 10 Winners


NO. 10: Lakefront Bicycle Trail Phase #3 - Lake Shore Drive Bridge

The Navy Pier Flyover trail is an 18.5-mile shared-use path for walking, jogging, skateboarding, and cycling, located along the western shore of Lake Michigan. The current and...

NO. 10: City Island Bridge over Eastchester Bay

The City Island Bridge is the sole vehicular, pedestrian, and bicyclist access to City Island in The Bronx. With a daily traffic count of 16,500 vehicles, the original 1901 bridge...

No. 10 - Whittier Bridge

Travelers along I-95 driving from Massachusetts to New Hampshire will inevitably cross over the Merrimack River near Amesbury. What motorists may not realize is that the current...

No. 10 - U.S. 50 over Severn River Bridge rehabilitation

It’s never easy to make a strong run up the middle. With the summer tourist season always front and center in Anne Arundel County, Md., officials needed to relieve traffic on ...

No. 10 - I-85 Emergency Bridge Rebuild

Where there was smoke, there was activity. A day following the collapse of the I-85 bridge due to a fire, crews began demolishing the bridge sections. The extent of the heat damage...

No. 10 - Beach Road over Lagoon Pond Bridge Replacement

The Lagoon Pond drawbridge carries the two-lane Beach Road, a critical part of the road network on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Deemed structurally deficient, the wood...

No. 10 - High Bridge over the Harlem River

The High Bridge, decommissioned since 1970, is the oldest bridge in the city of New York, opened originally in 1848 as a means of delivering water to Manhattan. Today, the bridge...

No. 10 - I-85 Yadkin River Bridge Design-Build

The new dual bridges span a wetland, river and three railroad tracks. To maximize effi ciency of the bridge design, the team chose a modifi ed 77-in.-deep bulb-tee, prestressed...
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2013 Top 10 Bridges - No. 10

Project: Memorial Bridge Replacement ProjectLocation: Portsmouth, N.H., and Kittery, MaineCost: $88 millionLength: 1,200 ftDesigner: Ted Zoli; HNTB Corp.Contractors: Walsh Group...
No. 10 Bridge

2012 Top 10 Bridges: No. 10

PROJECT: CUSHING STREET/LUIS G. GUTIERREZ BRIDGELOCATION: Tucson, Ariz.COST: $4.5 millionLENGTH: 310 ftDESIGNERS: Structural Grace Inc.CONTRACTOR: Ashton Contractors & EngineersOWNER...