Speed monitor

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Precision Solar Controls’ new Speed Awareness Monitor II (SAM II) is a cost-effective speed awareness display system designed to provide years of reliable operation with minimal maintenance. The SAM II includes a fixed speed-limit sign and a large LED lamp matrix display that indicates a motorist’s speed with changeable 18-in. characters that are legible from a distance of 1,000 ft.
A four-dimensional deep-cycle battery provides more than 18 days of continuous operation. It also has an optional top-mounted solar panel that can recharge a day’s worth of battery use in 2.5 hours of sunlight.
The display system comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel trailer that has four leveling jacks for proper placement and stability. Optional features include an axle lock; coupler lock; vandal-deterrent motion sensor with alarm; tongue wheel jack; and tubeless traffic counter.

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