Sonar transmitting

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Hawk Measurement Systems, Middleton, Mass., a provider of level and flow measurement technology, offers the new ORCA Sonar Series Interface level transmitter. The ORCA Sonar Series provides the widest range of performance-enhancing sonar transducer frequencies to yield comprehensive and continuous interface level measurement.
Featuring industrial scum-cleaning mechanisms that require virtually no maintenance, the ORCA Sonar Series’ transducers are continually cleaned in the most effective manner on the market, allowing for the most efficient and accurate measurements.

Offering a CDMA modem for remote technical and diagnostic support, the new ORCA Sonar hardware generates dual analog independent outputs to simultaneously track separate interfaces so that efforts may be streamlined and maximum efficiency is achieved. Ideal for applications in a variety of industries, the ORCA Series is engineered to be MODBUS, Profibus and HART Comms compatible.

Powered by a microprocessor-based transmitter, the ORCA Sonar Series is complemented by an easy-to-use, menu-driven keypad programming or via Comms, as well as a CDMA interface, the appropriate sonar transducer and a transducer-cleaning mechanism. The ORCA Series features a full range of sonar transducers to optimize detection of heavy- and light-density interfaces.

Providing accurate measurements up to 100 ft, the ORCA Series’ sonar transmits a sound pulse through liquid toward the bottom of the tank. The pulse is then reflected back to the sonar transducer and interpreted via the sonar transmitter and compensated for temperature. Additionally, the ORCA Series provides a second independent sonar output that can be programmed to track either the clarity of the liquid, monitoring the change of suspended solids or the fluff/floc layer to prevent overflow into the launders.

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