Self-propelled rolling

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self-propelled roller screed, the SuperScreed

Multiquip’s, Carson, Calif., newest self-propelled roller screed, the SuperScreed, is strong and flexible, making it ideal for paving applications, highway rehabilitation, white-topping, airport runways and bridge decks. The SuperScreed (Circle 907) features a sectional truss frame and several strike tube lengths that enable it to strike-off panels ranging in size from 12 to 50 ft. It is flexible enough to perform on highway off-ramps and anywhere curved or tapered roadways make strike off difficult.

The SuperScreed is powered by a removable hydraulic power unit and is driven by a 28-hp Vanguard diesel engine. A wraparound steel frame with convenient lifting points provides protection, while the screed’s standard 50-watt halogen lights offer improved visibility in low light. The unit also comes standard with a protective tarp and scraper bar, reducing concrete splatter and accumulation on the frame, and a pressure washer for fast rinsing of the screed.


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