Barrier Walls Guardrails

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Georgia DOT on I-75 Hurricane Dorian
Road Traffic Safety

Georgia DOT prepares for hurricane evacuees as Dorian approaches landfall

Aug. 30, 2019
Hurricane Dorian looks to hit the Florida coast late this Sunday

All-steel longitudinal barrier

Gregory’s Guardian 5 (G5) is the only all-steel MASH TL-5 longitudinal barrier capable of redirecting a fully loaded 80,000-lb vehicle. This safer and more economical alternative...

Oklahoma to replace guardrails with cable barriers on two-lane highways

Aug. 21, 2018
The Oklahoma DOT said cable barriers reduce the severity of collisions
WV 2
Accelerated Construction

Temporary barrier helps accelerated bridge construction on West Virginia Turnpike

July 12, 2018
The West Virginia Turnpike, an 88-mile four-lane toll road including stretches of I-77 and I-64, is a winding and elevated highway through mountainous terrain. There are 116 bridges...

Positive concrete barrier

The Road Zipper System is a moveable barrier that creates additional work-zone space for construction crews, while mitigating congestion by providing more lanes in the peak traffic...