Responsive technology

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Link-Belt’s new 138 HSL (Circle 914) features improved capacities and even easy assembly and transportability. The 138’s tube boom is 40 to 200 ft and the optional angle boom is 40 to 150 ft. Maximum tip height for tube boom and jib is 242 ft and for angle boom and jib, 204 ft. High line-pull drums use the latest Link-Belt wet brake technology for a responsive feel with no delayed reaction. Maximum line pull for the front or rear drum is 31,182 lb. The larger cab has direct sight lines to the drums and tracks and sits in front of the boom for an unobstructed view. The Tier III-compliant Isuzu engine boasts 287 hp and 838 ft-lb of torque. The hydraulic counterweight removal system detaches the hydraulic cylinders and integral device in one piece with the counterweights. The 138 HSL transports in three loads with the main load weighing less than 90,000 lb.

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