Radar simplified

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Radar speed signs from Traffic Logix, Spring Valley, N.Y., combine technology and practicality to deliver results that are easy to produce and read. The company recently announced the release of two radar speed signs to complement their existing line of rubber traffic-calming devices.

The signs use unique optical technology that allows them to operate at only 30% of the power supply while providing optimal luminance even in poor visibility conditions. A focused viewing system directs the light toward oncoming vehicles while dimming the sign to other lanes to avoid motorist distraction. The optical system refracts sunrays away from the sign to provide intense light even in bright sunlight.

Each sign is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing for quick and secure downloads from the sign to a computer. A built-in traffic counter stores information regarding vehicle data. This data is then transmitted to a computer to allow for review and analysis.

The signs can be powered either via power grid or independently by a solar panel and battery. Installation is simple since the battery and all other sign components are stored within the actual box.

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