Proper placement

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Conveyor Application Systems is a subsidiary of the Rexius company in Eugene, Ore., a long-time leader in the landscape and construction materials and application equipment industry.

Conveyor Application Systems (CAS) offers a variety of placing equipment with its primary focus in the movement and placement of aggregate, sand, soil and mulch materials within a placing distance of up to 85 ft from the equipment. Using high-speed booster conveyors and state-of-the-art hydraulics and remote-control systems, material can be applied precisely in place using either truck-mounted systems or portable units receiving transferred materials or on-site loading.
The new CAS “All-Terrain” Placer is a one-of-a-kind material placing machine for all types of construction work. By gaining access to difficult areas through 4-wheel drive and remote control, in addition to the placing distance of up to 80 plus ft, the All-Terrain Placer can reach areas that no other equipment could go before. Combining all these capabilities into one piece of equipment, the CAS system can increase efficiencies, flexibility and profit.

For large roadside application the Magnum Placer offers a very unique blend of reloading capabilities with high-speed placement of materials. This unit is designed for continuous production, allowing independent material haulers to transfer loads on-site to the equipment’s holding hopper while the Magnum continues to work. Costly trucks and loaders are not tied up during operation which saves the contractor both time and money.

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