Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc

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PO Box 260245
Lakewood, CO

Traffic Graphics software: contains all the tools needed to make your traffic diagrams. Start with pre-assembled intersections or roadways, drag, and drop other parts to make nearly any possible roadway configuration. Finish, by dropping in the signs and devices contained in the software. Convert the completed traffic plan to PDF.

We also have available, electronic versions of the MUTCD and Standard Highway Sign Book. These include thousands of hyperlinks that help you find the information you need fast. offers convenient, cost-effective, on-demand training for traffic directors (flaggers) and follows ATSSA basic curriculum and guidelines,


  • When training flagging crews, you need a training program that will elicit comprehension, captivate the attention span of the student, enlist participation and enhance the learning experience....
  • For 10 years, Professional Traffic Graphics Inc. (PTG) has been an industry leader in software solutions for the traffic safety industry, specifically software for designing traffic-control diagrams...
  • from Professional Traffic Graphics Inc. of Lakewood, Colo., is offering convenient, cost-effective, on-demand training for traffic directors (flaggers). After successfully...
  • Safety concepts are difficult to present in a plain classroom setting. To help keep the student’s focus on the importance of safety training, Professional Traffic Graphics Inc. has created...
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