Thin concrete
Article January 03, 2018
As a durable, economical and low-maintenance concrete material, roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is steadily becoming the choice for many pavement applications. And researchers in Louisiana are testing just how thin those applications can go.   Traditionally, RCC pavements have been built with an 8...
Concrete curling
Article January 03, 2018
Today’s modern concrete construction technologies and experienced personnel provide an opportunity to construct the smoothest concrete pavements and slabs in history.   Smooth pavements and slabs are in high demand because they reduce cracking, improve ride quality, reduce noise and improve fuel...
I-10 California

Image: Garret Larson

Article December 27, 2017
In 1947, when Interstate 10 (I-10) was built as a four-lane highway from Ontario to San Bernardino, Calif., it passed through a landscape of ranches, orchards, and open fields fringed with trees. Originally this section of roadway was assigned as U.S. 70-99, and in 1957 it was reassigned to become...
News September 13, 2017
Curvy roadways in south Pierce County, Wash., were resurfaced with a special, “high-friction” material to help prevent motorists from sliding on wet pavement.   Five roads were selected for the project based on curve alignments, speed of traffic and rate of fatal or serious-injury crashes,...
Figure 1

Figure 1. The study area in coastal N.H. showing the locations of the five pavement evaluation sites, the magnitude of groundwater rise, the areal extent of the groundwater-rise zone (GWRZ), and the extent of surface-water inundation with 6.6 ft of sea-level rise.

Article September 07, 2017
The rate of sea-level rise caused by climate change is predicted to accelerate as warming ocean waters expand and water is added from melting land ice.   The rising sea level makes maintaining road infrastructure near the water increasingly challenging. Street flooding in many coastal communities...
Single-blade spec applied to concrete surface saves costs on WSDOT floating bridge project
Case Studies May 18, 2017
The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, also known as the 520 Bridge or its official name of the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge, spans Lake Washington from Seattle to Bellevue and was replaced in 2016. The new bridge is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest and widest...
Exits close on Indiana Toll Road for repaving project
News April 06, 2017
As part of the 80/90 Pavement Upgrade for a Superior Highway (PUSH) project, the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company LLC (ITRCC), the operator of the Indiana Toll Road, announced that the Elkhart Exit (92) closed yesterday April 5, at 9:00 a.m. Exit 92 is scheduled to be closed for three weeks....
Newport on the Levee is a retail area in northern Kentucky in need of a connector.
Article January 03, 2017
Newport on the Levee is a retail area in northern Kentucky in need of a connector.   Claire’s, Barnes & Noble and unique local businesses such as Kelly’s Kloset can all be found there. You can even see hand-crafted concrete, which is on display and will serve as a traffic management solution...
Newly developed precast concrete paving system opens opportunities for work on congested roadways

Photo courtesy of NYC Department of Design and Construction

Article January 03, 2017
Roads are a critical part of our everyday lives. Some lead us to family, some—like mountain passes—take our breath away and others serve more mundane purposes, like getting us around town for our weekend errands.   No matter what the purpose, today’s network of more than 2.68 million miles of paved...
New technology monitors concrete pavement health
Article January 03, 2017
Pavements tend to deteriorate over time under repeated traffic loads and/or certain environmental conditions.   By detecting pavement distresses and damage early enough, it is possible for transportation agencies to develop more effective pavement maintenance and rehabilitation programs and thereby...
PennDOT S.R. 50, Millers Run—Gold award winner for Overlays (Highways)

PennDOT S.R. 50, Millers Run—Gold award winner for Overlays (Highways)

News December 20, 2016
The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has named recipients of its 27th Annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavements” awards, which recognize quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada.   The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship in concrete pavement...
rehabilitation of I-77
News June 21, 2016
Work on the $88 million Interstate 77 widening and rehabilitation project in north Richland County was set to start yesterday, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).   The two-year project, covering a seven-mile stretch of I-77 between the I-20 and Percival Road...
AHP risers boast precise custom sizes to match finished pavement grade
Case Studies June 01, 2016
Gray & Son, Inc. is a family-owned contracting firm in Maryland with roots going back to 1908. They are currently one of the biggest paving contractors serving Baltimore and the surrounding counties, and have a reputation for introducing state-of-the-art solutions that cost-effectively keep the...
Article October 07, 2011
Revive Wacker Drive, a multimillion-dollar infrastructure reconstruction project in downtown Chicago, is set to see completion in fall 2012. On Friday, August 26, 2011, the fourth concrete deck pour of the second phase was completed; five more deck pours and one ramp pour remain. This post-...
Article October 07, 2011
  The Concrete Sustainability Hub at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released two studies looking at the life-cycle assessment (LCA) of concrete pavements and buildings. A third assessment looked at life-cycling costing for streets and highways. Both studies signify major...
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