No. 10 - I-85 Emergency Bridge Rebuild

No. 10 Bridge 2017

Where there was smoke, there was activity. A day following the collapse of the I-85 bridge due to a fire, crews began demolishing the bridge sections. The extent of the heat damage was such that 13 columns that supported bent caps required bolstering. The design solution was to retain the columns to a height having a structural integrity to work from while removing all delaminated concrete, chipping to expose the existing reinforcement and providing additional steel reinforcement. The project was supposed to open on June 15, but the contractors finished all work by Memorial Day.

Location: Atlanta, Ga.

Cost: $16.6 million

Length: 350 ft

Designer: Georgia DOT

Contractors: C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc., D.H. Griffin

Owner: Georgia DOT