Mabey Inc.

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6770 Dorsey Road
Elkridge, MD

Mabey provides safety systems for infrastructure projects and the construction industry. If you work underground, are trying to cross tough terrain, need support on a building project or need a bridge to get you there, Mabey has what you need. Our strong, rapid-build steel panel bridges and structural shoring towers provide effective solutions for contractors and DOTs for planned and emergency work. We provide trench-shoring products and durable composite roadway systems for the toughest site access challenges. Our in-house engineers work closely with customers to develop reliable, safe and long-lasting solutions. We also offer on-site field assistance to customers who rent our engineered systems.


  • Whether you are installing a sewage system, utility service or an underground storage tank, Mabey has the excavation shoring equipment you need. From sheet pile and bracing systems to trench boxes...
  • If your project includes bridge repairs, building construction, foundations, demolitions or other heavy propping, you will find all the support you need with Mabey.
  • Mabey Mats make a temporary surface for heavy-duty roads, turnarounds and work and staging areas, no matter what the soil condition. Power companies around the country use this system to work on...
  • Mabey’s panel bridges & structural shoring reduce the duration of road closures/detours during bridge repair/replacement projects. The structural shoring provides temporary support for bridges...
  • Mabey Mat 75/125 towers and hydraulic jacking systems support a wide range of medium to heavy loads for temporary support and propping. (Watch jacking of Mabey Mat 75/125.) It's an adaptable system...

Mabey’s temporary roadway proves reliable as a 135-ton crane drives on an extremely narrow pathway through an old farm lane on its way to its utility pole replacement project.

Mabey Inc. supplied towers to support a bridge while repairs were made to leaning piers. The bridge remained open to traffic for a majority of the 11-month project.

Pier work commences with Mabey's MAT75/125 propping and hydraulic jacking system support bridge.

Mabey’s compact bridge is built in sections, like an erector set, and pushed out into the abyss, a section at a time, until it reaches the opposing shore.

Interlocking composite mats create a riverbed roadway and workpads for crane to install bridge pile.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric in New York State was working on the OR, EM & PX Line Project, performing several miles of line maintenance and repair. Seasonal rains saturated the ground and elevated the water level in the nearby Hudson River. Central Hudson Gas & Electric needed a way...
The Great Vermont Flood of 1927 damaged several bridges in the northern part of the state, destroying the infrastructure in the region. Two years later, Richmond’s Checkered-House Bridge was built to carry Route 2 traffic over the Winooski River and rebuild the infrastructure damaged by the...
When Hurricane Irene assaulted the coast of North Carolina and caused a breach in the coastline near Rodanthe, the breach destroyed NC-12, the only road that gives residents and visitors access to the island. It was essential that access to the island be restored, and Mabey Inc. was there to lend a...
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