Mats & temporary bridges help utility keep the power on

Aug. 17, 2016

Central Hudson Gas & Electric in New York State was working on the OR, EM & PX Line Project, performing several miles of line maintenance and repair. Seasonal rains saturated the ground and elevated the water level in the nearby Hudson River. Central Hudson Gas & Electric needed a way to get its equipment to the transmission line site without getting stuck in the mud.

Mabey met with Central Hudson to walk the site and evaluate its needs. There were several obstacles in the pathway of the proposed temporary road: two rock walls, three wire fences, two deep-water screens and a 2-in. water pipe. In some areas, the water levels were 3 ft higher than normal. Mabey engineered a plan to overcome these obstacles by installing two QuickBridges and the DuraBase matting system to pave the way to the transmission line work.

Mabey’s DuraBase mats are made from prefabricated composite material, each molded as a seamless, one-piece, 8-ft-by-14-ft mat; they do not absorb water. The mats have a built-in tread pattern and anti-skid surface to help prevent slips. They piece together like a puzzle with an interlocking pin design to create a continuous roadway. The mats are engineered to be flexible to conform to uneven terrain, but also strong enough to support equipment such as 120-ton cranes. The stability and reliability of the interlocking mats provided the utility company the confidence needed to perform its work without worrying that the roadway would shift or move, or that its equipment would get stuck in the mud. Additionally, Mabey’s QuickBridges provide fast access over ravines and other obstacles, and they integrate easily into the matting system. They are suitable for short spans and come in 20-, 30- and 40-ft lengths that can be lifted directly from the delivery vehicle onto pre-prepared foundations.

This project was executed in two phases. For Phase One, Mabey’s professional installation team built the initial roadway, which was more than two miles long, with staging areas for equipment and work pads placed in strategic locations for vehicle turnaround points. Each truckload of mats weighed 30,000 lb, but the interlocking mats flexed and held securely to support the trucks as they made it safely to their destination. Equipment and crew kept safe and dry.

Mabey installed 677 mats during the first phase of the project and was able to relocate 216 of them to a second location for Phase Two. Mabey’s temporary roadway and QuickBridges allowed Central Hudson to proceed with this project without having to wait for the ground to dry. It was able to get its transmission work completed on schedule and provide its customers power with little interruption in service.

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