Louisiana moves forward with I-10 widening project in Capital Region

LaDOTD secretary says this is the state’s first urban interstate redevelopment project

June 25, 2020 / 2 minute read
Louisiana moves forward with I-10 widening project in Capital Region
Image: Louisiana DOTD

The Louisiana DOTD (LaDOTD) announced this week the intent to enter into a Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) contract for the I-10 widening project from LA-415 in West Baton Rouge Parish to the I-10/12 split in East Baton Rouge Parish.

LaDOTD says CMAR is an innovative delivery process that uses a design professional that is engaged by the department for professional pre-design or design services, or both. Huval & Associates Inc. is the CMAR consultant for this project. LaDOTD also contracts separately with a CMAR contractor to engage in the preconstruction phase.

“In the Capital Region alone, we have made significant progress on both the I-10 Widening Project and the Comite River Diversion Project by utilizing this CMAR process," LaDOTD Secretary Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D., said in a statement. "Support from state and local officials, as well as our federal partners, is crucial if we hope to continue delivering major projects such as this, the state’s first urban interstate redevelopment."

The successful bidder for this project will be responsible for the construction of the following:

  • Freeway widening by the addition of one travel lane to the westbound direction of I-10 from Washington Street to College Drive and one travel lane to the eastbound direction of I-10 from Washington Street to east of the I-10/I-12 split on I-10 and one travel lane to the westbound direction of I-10 from Acadian Thruway to Washington Street.
  • Modifications to interchanges at Washington Street, Dalrymple Drive, Perkins Road, Acadian Thruway, and College Drive, as well as the replacement of the Nairn Drive overpass.
  • Associated work, which may include noise barriers, interstate lighting, guide signs, traffic signals, and pedestrian and bicyclist accommodations.
  • Roundabouts at Terrace Avenue and Braddock Street, the Washington Street interchange, and Dalrymple Drive at East Lakeshore Drive.
  • Utility coordination, as necessary.
  • Maintenance of traffic in a congested and confined urban freeway environment.
  • Context sensitive solutions and community connections.

A contract execution for preconstruction services is anticipated no later than January 2021.


SOURCE: Louisiana DOTD

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