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Moveable Barrier

Lindsay Transportation Solutions offers innovative moveable barrier technology for managed lanes and construction applications to create “safe, dynamic highways” that offer real-time roadway reconfiguration while maintaining positive barrier protection between lanes. Road-system operators with managed-lane facilities use moveable barrier in areas where there is a tidal traffic flow to redistribute unused capacity from the off-peak traffic direction to give more lanes to the peak traffic direction. In construction applications, road system operators and contractors use moveable barrier to expand the work zone to eliminate construction stages or even entire construction seasons and to improve work-zone safety for both workers and motorists.

Using the Road Zipper System, moveable barrier installations around the world demonstrate increased safety and capacity. Additional benefits of the Road Zipper System include improved air pollution, decreased travel times, increased fuel efficiency and reduced system implementation time (as compared to alternative managed-lane options).

Crash Cushion Systems

Lindsay Transportation Solutions also offers a full line of crash cushions and guardrail end terminals. This product family includes:

    Anchorless impact attenuator – The ABSORB 350 Crash Cushion;

    Reusable crash cushions – The TAU, TAU-II, TAU-II-R families of non-gating crash cushions;

    Redirective, non-gating crash cushion – The X-TENuator System;

    Redirective, non-gating median crash cushion – The X-MAS Median Attenuator System;

    Redirective, non-gating end terminal – The X-Tension End Terminal; and

    Gating end terminals with the fastest and easiest install – The X-LITE End Terminal.

Today, Lindsay Transportation Solutions is recognized as a global leader for the supply of crash cushions, end terminals, TMAs and portable barriers. Lindsay Transportation Solutions consistently develops innovative, cost-effective solutions for road hazards.