Henderson, Nev., using AI technology to reduce traffic crashes

A recent yearlong crash prevention pilot program using AI resulted in a 17% reduction of crashes along a stretch of I-15 in Las Vegas

April 30, 2019
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Officials in the city of Henderson, Nev., are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technology with the aim of alleviating traffic crashes at specific intersections.

The Nevada DOT recently found success with an AI pilot program in partnership with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada, the Nevada Highway Patrol and Israeli startup Waycare, a provider of AI-driven mobility solutions for smart cities.

Waycare services use in-vehicle information, existing cameras, sensors and other traffic-related data to develop predictive analytics designed to reduce traffic fatalities and crash-related congestion. The RTC's yearlong crash prevention pilot program with Waycare resulted in a 17% reduction of crashes along a stretch of I-15 in Las Vegas. 

The city of Henderson began using Waycare about a month ago in an attempt to improve response time for public safety concerns, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The city is using the Waycare platform at a pair of intersections on Eastern Avenue, at Horizon Ridge and St. Rose parkways, which have been identified as areas with higher than average crash rates.

Since Waycare uses video analytics and AI to recognize patterns and data, its partnership with RTC enables access to video cameras already mounted on many signals in place in Henderson. The Waycare system also uses data from connected vehicles on the road to identify traffic trends in areas and adequately respond to those if a pattern emerges.

The RTC is planning to use the Waycare platform in five additional areas within its jurisdiction.


Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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