Hard rock and heavy metal

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Introducing the 12-in. TS 410 and 14-in. TS 420 Stihl Cutquik cut-off machines. What’s new? The revolutionary X2 Air Filtration System. The X2 system delivers 99.96% clean air to the machine and not only eliminates the need to clean the filter, reducing downtime due to on-the-job filter maintenance and costly repairs due to particulate damage, but also extends filter life. Depending on cutting conditions, filters can last up to one year. Proper filter maintenance is very easy: Do not clean the filters, run the machine until there is a noticeable drop in power and then simply replace the filters.

These units feature a new antivibration system that reduces vibration by 43% as compared with previous models, providing maximum comfort and less fatigue. The upright, large-capacity fuel tank can provide a 20% longer run time than previous models. The top-handle, lightweight and compact design improves maneuverability and balance. With environmental responsibility being a priority for everyone, Stihl’s engine technology increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by 44% as compared with previous models.

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