Green objective

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CERATECH Inc., a next-generation “green” construction materials technology company, has introduced D.O.T.Line, an environmentally friendly, high-performance, rapid concrete repair product.

D.O.T.Line joins CERATECH’s stable of high-performance, extremely versatile, non-Portland, non-epoxy construction repair materials. D.O.T.Line (Circle 910) comes in turnkey, pre-extended, 58-lb bags and is mixed and placed like traditional concrete. D.O.T.Line was developed by combining nonhazardous, green sustainable waste stream materials into a cementitious mineral structure. This new material technology allows CERATECH to offer a cost-effective, rapid-repair concrete that’s comprised of over 90% recycled materials. D.O.T.Line is specifically designed for horizontal to near-horizontal applications, allowing for cost-effective structural repair of roads, bridges or any other application where quick return to service is vital.

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