A full load

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The Terex TX970B is an all-wheel-steer backhoe loader with four equal-sized tires and a backhoe dig depth of 15 ft 11 in.
Pilot-hydraulic controls allow the operator to change joysticks from SAE or ISO operating patterns without leaving the cab.
The 17,633-lb unit is powered by a 94-hp Perkins turbo diesel and powershift transmission.
The large 1.56 cu yd bucket decreases loader cycle times. An exceptionally narrow boom gives the operator excellent visibility, and a strong loader with excellent life capacity and bucket breakout force aims to improve productivity.
Terex’s standard warranty covers the machine for 12 months and unlimited hours.
With 19 in. of ground clearance, Terex backhoes are impressive around the jobsite. Tandem gear pumps and a closed-loop hydraulic system provide more controlled power to get the job done faster.

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