California raises MPG for state vehicle purchases

June 4, 2015
California raised its fuel economy standard for state agencies that purchase passenger vehicles to 38 mpg starting July 1.
Sitesafe PS TMA

TMA Trucks: Site Safe Trucks

Site Safe trucks include an International 4300 model chassis, NCHRP 350 TL-3 rated TMA, arrow board or full matrix message board, 20 and 24-ft beds available, stake racks, and...

ROADS/BRIDGES: The aisle is wide and parties divide over Mich. truck weight debate

Dec. 4, 2014
The state currently tolerates nearly double the average weights of any other U.S. state
Street Sweepers / Brooms

EQUIPMENT FOCUS: Street Sweepers/Trucks

Aug. 14, 2012
Expanded lineThe tractor model is the seventh and latest addition to Western Star’s 4700 line of trucks suited for a variety of applications. Options are offered for a number ...