Industry News Roundup: Transoft releases new version of GuideSIGN

Dec. 4, 2020

ALL Crane adds nine new Link-Belts; Pierce to lead HDR’s New Mobility & Operational Technology Services

Transoft Solutions releases new version of GuideSIGN

Nov. 19, 2020—Transoft Solutions has just announced the release of the latest version of GuideSIGN 8 suite of products with new and improved features for the quick and accurate design of roadway traffic signs, signing plans, and pavement markings.

Built for designers and engineers, GuideSIGN has been the stalwart CAD software for creating traffic signs in a matter of minutes for government transportation agencies, AEC firms, and local and city authorities since 1993. This release expands on the matters of safety, compliance, and efficiency in the traffic control area for street improvement projects, road dieting measures, and road re-striping initiatives. With the new GuideSIGN Plus software, users can be confident that their projects will be delivered accurately—complying to standards—and on time. It is the only software of this kind to provide designers with a comprehensive solution to traffic control.

The launch of GuideSIGN 8 sees new features for road and highway sign designing including:

  • Updates to the latest federal requirements from the US (MUTCD 2009 with all supplements), Canada (TAC-ATC 2001 with updates) and Australia (AS 1744-2018).
  • A new tool for placing French and Spanish accents within text offering a professional and finished look for sign design in Latin America, parts of the US, as well as French Canada.
  • The ability to work directly within your CAD platform (e.g. Autodesk AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation)

ALL Crane Adds Nine New Link-Belts

November 20, 2020—The ALL Family of Companies is adding nine new Link-Belt cranes to its fleet. The purchase comes on the heels of a previous 16-unit Link-Belt package announced earlier in the year.

This latest purchase includes six telecrawlers (two each of the 80-USt TCC-800, 140-USt TCC-1400, and 250-USt TCC-2500) and three truck cranes (60-USt HTC-8660, 75-USt HTC-8675, and 110-USt HTC-86110).

This will bring ALL’s total ownership of TCCs to more than 40 units across its nationwide branches. Since entering the market 15 years ago, the TCC line of telecrawlers has steadily grown, with increased capacities that maintain ease of off-road maneuvering. “Link-Belts are a staple of ALL’s daily taxi fleet,” said Rick Mikut, ALL Crane’s crawler crane division manager. “They provide fast setup and a high degree of mobility for customers across a variety of diverse industries.” TCCs are popular for power line and wind jobs and small steel and precast plank projects.

Ben Pierce to Lead HDR’s New Mobility & Operational Technology Services

Nov. 30, 2020—Recognizing the importance of integrating technology into transportation operations, HDR is establishing a new initiative: Mobility & Operational Technology Services

Led by transportation technology leader Ben Pierce, the program brings together a wide range of experts with a broad understanding of the rapidly changing environment and experience in the application and implementation of technology-focused mobility solutions. The team will help clients understand the benefit of new technologies and develop adoption and operational plans for connected and automated vehicles, transportation system management and operations, tolling, zero emissions/electrified mobility, and more. 

Pierce will serve as director of the initiative and will be responsible for expanding HDR’s technical application and deployment capabilities, working in partnership with Joey Yang, technical director of HDR’s Advanced Technology for Surface Transportation practice. Pierce has supported innovative projects across transportation markets, including work for airports, transit agencies, DOTs, and local communities. He has contributed his expertise to Florida’s connected and automated vehicle initiatives, ITS general engineering consulting contracts with NYCDOT, the Denver Mobility Choice Blueprint, and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Strategic Plan.

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