Asset Management

Pavement Maintenance

Navigating Economic Crisis

Sept. 28, 2020
What Road Managers Can Learn in COVID times from a 2008 Recession Action Plan
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Bridge Inspection

Zooming in on Infrastructure Ep.5 - Kevin Johns of Modjeski & Masters

Sept. 28, 2020
In this episode, Senior Managing Editor Brian W. Budzynski talks with Kevin Johns, movable bridge business unit director for Modjeski & Masters on the topic of what effects climate...
Highway Construction

Oklahoma DOT releases new eight-year construction plan for highway projects

Oct. 16, 2019
Two additional updated infrastructure plans outlining asset preservation and major projects for the county road system were also approved
Mississippi Delta flooding

Mississippi DOT still dealing with Delta region flooding issues

July 25, 2019
The agency is continuing to monitor water levels, is confident of reduction in near future
Asset Management

Lifting the Veil

Jan. 1, 2006
Inaccurate cost estimating has dogged transportation projects for years. B. Flyvbjerg’s noted study on the results of transportation project estimating found that for the past...