The Government of Malaysia Going Digital with Bentley

June 7, 2021


Malaysia’s Pan Borneo Highway is a 1,060-kilometer, four-lane dual carriageway that spans undulating terrain through existing communities and protected reserves in the state of Sarawak. The MYR 16.15 billion project serves as a benchmark for lifecycle digitalization of highway infrastructure in the country. With 32.2 kilometers of the first construction phase complete, project delivery partner Lebuhraya Borneo Utara (LBU) is now responsible for integrating design and construction data with asset performance technology to manage operations and maintenance. To meet strict government standards and establish the new highway as a reliable backbone for transportation in Sarawak, LBU required an interoperable and sustainable digital asset management solution.


Having previously established an open, connected data environment using ProjectWise for planning, design, and construction of phase one, LBU leveraged the platform to seamlessly integrate BIM, GIS, and construction data for operations, maintenance and management. Incorporating reality context helped create an accurate record of existing assets along the entire planned 1,060-kilometer highway route. The integrated applications provided a complete digital solution to achieve a digital twin within the connected data environment, supporting the asset performance and management needs as the single source of truth for asset information.


Working in the connected data environment has saved over MYR 160 million during the delivery of the first section of the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak. Integrating all modeling, construction, asset, and GIS information through AssetWise, LBU established a digital twin that spans project delivery and operations, capitalizing on the full potential of the available data. AssetWise leverages the connected data environment to provide an efficient asset performance and management system that delivers real-time, reliable information for operations, maintenance, and engineering. The dynamic digital solution mitigates risk, increases operational efficiency, improves decision-making, and ensures regulatory compliance to optimize costs, operations, and maintenance.


AssetWise enabled LBU to link valuable information and construction data from ProjectWise with asset tags to support management and operation of the completed 32.2-kilometer highway span. The interoperability of Bentley’s asset performance and management application facilitated integration of multiple data sources and asset tagging aligned with Malaysian government standards within a connected data environment, improving collection, analysis, and control of relevant asset information. Leveraging BIM, reality modeling, and engineering data on the AssetWise platform provides LBU and the government with a geo-referenced visualization for analytics and decision-making using a digital twin for efficient and sustainable highway operation.