Engine check

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MK Diamond Products Inc. has introduced a new line of water-cooled gas and diesel concrete saws. The new MK-4000HY and MK-4000KB are the latest addition to the MK Diamond line of self-propelled concrete saws.
The MK-4000HY features a 48-hp Hyundai 416, a four-cylinder in-line, DOHC, gasoline-fueled, spark-ignited, liquid-cooled engine. It is computer-controlled, fuel-efficient, multiport fuel injected and has low emissions. The engine utilizes a check-engine light to provide diagnostic codes through a connector.
The MK-4000KB features a 44-hp Kubota V1505-T-E3B, a four-cylinder in-line, diesel-fueled, turbo-charged, liquid-cooled engine. It is fuel-efficient, altitude-compensating and has low emissions. The engine is 1,498 cc in displacement and features Kubota’s Three Vortec Combustion system, which produces an ideal air/fuel mixture that provides increased combustion efficiency and cleaner exhaust.

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