Buttigieg Says Government is Ready to Help Rebuild Vermont’s Infrastructure Following Floods

July 18, 2023
Roads and bridges throughout the state need rebuilding.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Gov. Phil Scott spoke at a press conference Monday to discuss damage to the state’s infrastructure following last week’s historic floods.

At the press conference, Buttigieg said the federal government stands ready to help rebuild Vermont's roads and bridges that suffered enormous damage.

After touring several impacted communities in central Vermont with Gov. Scott, Buttigieg said his firsthand experience in these towns highlighted the need for an urgent federal response to this crisis.

"When you see that hotel in Hardwick that was cut in half and carried down the river," Buttigieg said, "when you see the railroad tracks coming out of Barre, where the track is still there but the ties are gone and you know a train won't be able to run over that, you see how urgent it is that these communities get the help that they need."

After viewing the destruction firsthand, Buttigieg met with reporters in a large state transportation garage in Berlin.

"As Vermont moves from the mode of immediate response to immediate recovery and does the hard work of rebuilding from this disaster," Buttigieg said, "I want to emphasize that the entire federal government, including the U.S. Department of Transportation, stands ready to assist any way we can."

Buttigieg encouraged both state and local officials to apply for special federal funds intended to help build a more resilient and stronger transportation system.


Source: Vermontpublic.org