Designed for productivity

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With a unified design, John Deere’s 300 Series skid-steer loaders (Circle 915) are more productive and more reliable than ever before, offering several best-in-class features.

Among these features is 35° rollback, resulting in a level bucket at carry position, allowing for more material carried with less spillage. The 45° dump angle, also a best-in-class claim by Deere, allows for quick and clean shedding of material from the bucket.

John Deere 250 Series Power Tech engines, with more available horsepower, stronger peak torques and strong torque rise, provide maximum performance and lugging capability. The engines also feature precision joint connecting rods that stand up to severe load conditions and an hydraulic lifters design that provides quieter operation and eliminates the need for valve lash adjustments.

Superior stability is provided by a low center of gravity due to heavy components being mounted lower in the frame, a long wheelbase that provides a smoother ride, optimal balance delivered by 60/40 weight distribution on the front and rear axles and larger tires.

In addition to several operator station enhancements, environmentally friendly and easily accessed drains are provided for all fluids, eliminating excess effort and mess. The electrical system is newly designed to ensure maximum durability, and a comprehensive instrumentation package provides more than 20 enhancements.

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