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Transportation Management

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Douglas County, Ga., residents to vote on traffic control referendum

July 24, 2012
Douglas County residents are preparing to vote on a transportation referendum next week that would help improve travel conditions and incident management on I-20.   The central...
Transportation Management


July 18, 2012
The ComNet FVT/FVRHDMI transmits a high-resolution HDMI signal over one multimode fiber up to 500 meters for the 1080p60 format.  The FVT/FVRHDMI is capable of transmitting...
Fiber Optic Cables and Communications Systems

Ethernet switch

Feb. 14, 2012
ComNet introduced the CLFE4US1TPC, an Ethernet switch that combines four 10/100TX Ethernet signals and transports them over one coaxial cable or RJ-45 cable. The CLFE4US1TPC can...