Comfortable performance

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Komatsu America Corp., Rolling Meadows, Ill., recently announced the release of its new WB142-5 backhoe loader.

Featuring a high-output tandem-gear-pump hydraulic system designed for maximum speed, power and control, the WB142-5 is driven by a 76-net-hp diesel engine housed in a heavy-duty cast nose guard, providing integral counterweight and front protection to the engine. With two settings for the loader and the backhoe, the operator can choose between maximum performance and maximum fuel economy.

With an operating weight of 14,513 lb and a large loader bucket of 1 cu yd, the WB142-5 also has standard four-wheel drive, enabling operators to work in unpredictable weather conditions.

Komatsu kept the operator in mind when developing the WB142-5, which offers a suspension seat for a comfortable fit and clustered controls, switches and gauges to simplify operation and control.

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