Cat with many lives

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Contractors said they wanted a machine that could transport people around a jobsite quickly. They also said they wanted the machine to be versatile enough to perform several jobs and roomy enough to carry the tools they need.
These are all requests that Bobcat Co. has answered with its Toolcat 5600 utility work machine, which combines the attributes of a loader, pickup truck and attachment carrier into one machine.

The Toolcat 5600 is a unique machine whose versatility enables it to do the tasks of several pieces of equipment. It can go from using an angle broom to sweep off a bridge to using pallet forks to unload paving stones in a matter of minutes with the Bob-Tach mounting system. And with more than 25 approved attachments—including the angle broom, pallet forks, mower and snowblower—the utility work machine can handle jobs in any market.

Contractors can choose between the powerful 46-hp Toolcat 5600 and the even more powerful 56-hp Toolcat 5600 Turbo. Both models’ diesel engines have a maximum high-range travel speed of 18 mph to quickly transport workers and materials across jobsites. The cargo box on the 5600 can hold up to 2,000 lb of materials and comes equipped with dual hydraulic cylinders for dumping dirt, rock, tree limbs and other debris.

In addition, the 18-gpm auxiliary hydraulic system and 26-gpm optional high-flow system on the 5600 Turbo provides contractors with the power to grade and grind through the toughest conditions. Attachments are front-mounted to provide optimal visibility and allow for work to be completed before it is driven over. And operators can watch the work being performed from the comfort of an optional enclosed cab that comes equipped with doors, heating and air conditioning to battle all the weather elements.

The utility work machine’s compact size and all-wheel steering make it easier to maneuver around jobsites than a pickup truck. But don’t let its size deceive you. It has the power to tow up to 4,000 lb and lift up to 1,500 lb.

One of the most attractive features of the utility work machine is its hydrostatic drive system, which makes the Toolcat 5600 easy to operate. The drive system includes a drive pedal, steering wheel and simple shifting much like a car. Cruise control and the speedometer on the machine make it easy to repeat and hold the right speed when performing jobs such as mowing, spraying and spreading sand.

Pat Dunn, streets supervisor for the city of Shoreview, Minn., said the hydrostatic drive system has made training part-time summer employees how to operate the machine a breeze. The city purchased the Toolcat 5600 more than two years ago to help with mowing the city’s trail systems.

Since then, Dunn has found many other uses for the four-wheel-drive machine, including using the auger attachment to install guardrail posts.

“It’s been a lot more comfortable machine for our employees compared to what they were using in the past,” he said. “With some of the jobs we don’t have to take a truck to haul the tools because they all fit on the Toolcat 5600, and it carries two people.”

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