Calbond & Calbrite, brands of Atkore

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Calbond offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories for the protection of electrical conduit systems in highly corrosive environments. Our quality couplings and fittings are double-coated, both inside and out, with a 2 mil coating of urethane. The exterior is then coated again with a 40 mil PVC coating on top of the urethane. All fittings incorporate flexible overlapping sleeves that ensure a tight seal at every connection, ideal for use in water and wastewater facilities. Calbond® is UL listed and NEMA RN-1 compliant, with no exceptions.
Calbrite provides the largest stainless steel conduit systems offering in the industry, with over 2,800 products manufactured to the strict guidelines set forth by UL, CUL, and NEMA. Stainless steel's corrosion resistance, weld ability, strength, ductility, fabrication versatility and composition stability can significantly guard against product contamination. Calbrite stainless steel is manufactured in type 304 and 406 stainless steel to meet any stringent sanitary condition.