Louisiana Meets New Security Requirements with Quick Test to Monitor Chemical Profile at Plants, Water Sources

Oct. 8, 2002
As part of its Safe Drinking Water Program, the State of Louisiana recently implemented 12 units of the Severn Trent Services Eclox(TM) Rapid Response Water Testing System. Eclox...

Bottled Water Testing

Sept. 26, 2002
Consumers want to know if the bottled water they buy is safe. How and why bottled water is regulated is not common knowledge and can be confusing to customers. Bottlers who understand...

Shifts in Analytical Requirements

Aug. 27, 2002
Chemical analyses have been an integral part of the water treatment industry since its inception. However, as technology and consumer awareness have changed, so to have the analytical...

Evaluating Activated Carbons

May 28, 2002
The American Society for Testing Methods (ASTM) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) have standard test methods for commerce between buyers and sellers of activated carbons...

Chlorine Taste in the Customer’s Drinking Water?

Feb. 26, 2002
Chlorine Taste in the Custome