Wyoming demos new safety communication tech for vehicles

The connected-vehicle technology demonstration is part of WyDOT's work with the U.S. DOT pilot deployment program

November 28, 2017
connected vehicle

Vehicles in Wyoming equipped with new communication technology will soon help make I-80 safer for travelers as the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT), the University of Wyoming and their partners demonstrated the new connected-vehicle technology recently in Cheyenne to show how vehicles and roadside units can communicate road information and alerts to other motorists in near real-time.

WyDOT received a grant previously from the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) to develop and participate in the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program. Wyoming is one of only three locations in the nation to participate.

This winter, WyDOT will install onboard communication devices on 100 of the department’s vehicles, including snowplows and patrol vehicles, and about 75 roadside units on and around I-80 as part of phase two of the connected-vehicle project.

During phase three in the spring and summer, WyDOT will equip about 300 commercial trucks with the technology. During phase one in 2016, WyDOT and its partners planned the project. Once phase three ends, WyDOT and its partners, along with the U.S. DOT, will each review the research to determine if the technology is beneficial.

The demonstration used several vehicles, including a WyDOT snowplow and patrol vehicle, to show how they can communicate with each other during a forward collision warning, a distress notification, a construction zone notification and weather warnings. Depending on the situation, the technology would either interact vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to roadside unit or roadside to vehicle.

In the event of a forward-collision warning, the vehicle moving at slower speeds would send out a signal indicating its speed, direction and heading. Other vehicles in the vehicle stream equipped with the technology would pick up that notification, and drivers will be alerted if there is danger of crash.


Source: WyDOT via AASHTO

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