WSDOT opens Wildcat Creek Bridge on U.S. 12 to traffic

The comprehensive bridge redesign and construction project provides safe and reliable transportation on U.S. 12 with minimal environmental impact

October 24, 2018
Wildcat Creek Bridge redesign U.S. 12

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) celebrated the opening of the newly replaced Wildcat Creek Bridge on U.S. 12 east of White Pass, with a grand opening event on Oct. 22 attended by local and state officials and dignitaries.

Stantec, a global engineering and consulting firm, led the design of the comprehensive bridge replacement project of Wildcat Creek Bridge for WSDOT in collaboration with Graham Contracting. The previous 150-ft bridge crossing was originally built in 1936 and was showing signs of deterioration due to age and normal wear.

Stantec and Graham Contracting closely collaborated with WSDOT to replace the existing bridge to preserve the functional and structural integrity of this section of the highway, while providing safe and reliable transportation on U.S. 12 over White Pass. The team developed effective design and construction methods to accelerate the bridge replacement timeline while reducing impacts to the environment, traffic, and the surrounding community. As a result, the Wildcat Creek Bridge replacement was completed during an efficient 17-day detour of U.S. 12.

“It was a privilege to team with Graham Contracting to assist WSDOT with this important bridge replacement project,” said Richard Patterson, Stantec’s transportation senior associate based in Bellevue, Wash., in a release. “The Wildcat Creek Bridge is an important transportation connection point for Washington residents, and we’re thrilled that we were able to successfully and quickly replace it, while preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.”

Graham Contracting and Stantec developed unique solutions that minimized impacts to traffic and an adjacent spotted owl habitat. To accelerate construction, the team used an innovative approach to replace the bridge with a large, 54-ft span, pre-cast concrete arch culvert. The arch structure adds stability, maintains natural hydrology and fish habitat, improves public safety, and compliments local and regional aesthetics.

The highway is currently open to traffic, with final landscaping to be completed in November 2018.


Source: Stantec

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