CTDOT Launches Pilot Program for Cameras in Work Zones

April 12, 2023
For the first offense, drivers will get a warning

Drivers in Connecticut can be caught speeding in work zones on state highways thanks to the new pilot program ran by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) called Know the Zone.

"It's about saving lives and changing behaviors," said Kafi Rouse, Director of Communications for CTDOT.

CTDOT has been working with legislators and lawmakers to come up with this program after a state law was passed in 2021.

Rouse said the state has outfitted three white SUV's with cameras and radar capability. They will be placed at no more than three locations at any one point in time throughout Connecticut. They will be placed in designated work zones, which have been listed for the public ahead of time on CTDOT'S website. The idea is to catch people while speeding through construction zones to keep the workers safe.

"If they are going 15 miles per hour above the posted speed limit, then, the cameras will take a photo of the car," Rouse said.

For the first offense, drivers will get a warning. The second time, they'll get a $75 fine. Every time afterward, they'll be hit with a $150 fine.

"Motorists are driving at excessive speeds through construction zones, and that part has to stop," Rouse said.

According to CTDOT, in the last four years, there have been 3,674 crashes in work zones, ending in 13 deaths, and 37 serious injuries.

After CTDOT collects the data through the year, it will present the data to the state legislature. 

"Unfortunately, on a regular basis, our members are getting hit," said Carl Chisem, President of CT Employees Union Independent.

Chisem represents 1,500 CTDOT workers in his union and they were all part of the conversation to get the pilot program started. 

"Tickets and stuff like that, that's second hand. I want to be able to see my responsibility to make sure that our members come home safe every night to come home to their families," Chisem said. 


Source: Fox61.com