Wing and tow plow guidance laser

October 13, 2016

Increased production is the primary advantage for using wing and tow plows for snow removal because they allow you to remove more snow faster. The downside, however, is property and vehicle damage caused by the devices hitting objects in or around the trailing edge of these plows. The primary reason for the damage is that the driver has difficulty determining where the trailing edge is located, due to it being both behind and on the opposite side of the vehicle from the driver’s position. Damage caused by plow strikes can run into thousands of dollars per occurrence to equipment and property, not to mention downtime and liability issues.

The GL3000PMC by LaserLine Mfg Inc., projects an ultra-bright green laser spot onto the road 30 to 60 ft ahead of the truck that is in direct alignment with the plow trailing edge. The laser spot is in the driver’s normal field of view and shows the driver where the plow trailing edge will be ahead of time. As a result, using the GL3000PMC reduces plow strikes by 90% or more.  

More than 40 DOTs and 150 municipalities are presently employing this guidance laser to dramatically reduce plow strikes and the high cost associated with them.

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