Viewing the fill as half glass

News Roads & Bridges April 26, 2002
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Walking on broken glass is probably a bad idea, but driving over broken glass might be a good idea if the glass is used as fill under the road. Clint Stennett, an Idaho state senator from Ketchum, had the idea that waste glass piling up at the Ohio Gulch Recycling Center in the Wood River Valley could be put to good use under nearby Idaho Highway 75.

"This project is an excellent example of Idahoans, business and government working together to use our resources in the best possible way," Stennett said. "It is critical that not only in highway projects, but in all aspects of our lives and businesses we look to reuse and recycle our critical resources."

Stennett and Rigby appeared at the Highway 75 jobsite on April 22, Earth Day, to answer questions about the use of the recycled glass. They didn’t plan the operation to happen on Earth Day, according to Rigby. It just worked out that way.

For more information, see the May issue of ROADS & BRIDGES.

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