Technology Talk 2.0: Best Practices in Roadway Safety Asset Management Solutions

Roadway assets help make our roads and their hazards more visible to motorists, but often once they are installed, they become less visible to the agency because there may not be a proper data management system in place.

Several studies from the FHWA and elsewhere have demonstrated that data systems for asset management not only create visibility to assets on your road networks, but they can also lead to better resource allocation and better decision making for improved safety.

This webinar will walk through the challenges with safety asset management data today, 3M’s Roadway Asset Manager, and show a best practice in asset management from transportation industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Why data for asset management is important
  • Survey of asset data practices today
  • How the 3M Roadway Asset Manager can help you better manage your data
  • Real world example of how an asset management system can be useful


Charlie Gullickson, 3M Global Segment Marketer

Charlie is a global marketer with 3M’s Transportation Safety Division where he focuses on urban mobility related marketing programs spanning the division’s entire portfolio. Charlie Joined 3M in 2018 after completing his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Jeff Coate, 3M GIS Administrator/Developer

Jeff has an extensive background in Geographic Information Systems and web and database application development.  He has worked as technical lead on traffic safety asset inventory projects for over 15 years.  With an understanding of both the technical and operational aspects he helps customers improve their workflows with new technology.


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March 29, 2022 / 0:50:13