Vehicle Sensors Detectors

Illinois DOT may add EV charging to I-294
News October 04, 2018
The Illinois Tollway has begun to examine the addition of embedded equipment on the I-294 corridor that would enable electric vehicles (EVs) to charge on route. At present the interstate is undergoing a $4 billion reconstruction, which includes the widening of a 22-mile stretch of the roadway.  ...
Infrastructure and its need for upgrade are the theme at a recent California technology summit
News June 29, 2018
The state of this country’s infrastructure is truly something of a paradox. Its desperate need for upgrade is one of the few things that members of both major political parties can agree upon. It is an issue that affects literally every U.S. citizen, and yet action on it seems to be repeatedly...
Smart pavement
News May 22, 2018
Integrated Roadways, a Kansas City technology start-up, is developing “smart pavement” technology that would not only help increase roadway safety but also serve as the Wi-Fi platform for cars and other future mobility services.   The road system uses high-resolution fiber optic sensors and other...
Traffic sensors to aid traffic flow during I-15 construction in Idaho

Image source: Idaho Transportation Department

News March 22, 2017
To aid traffic flow for tens of thousands of drivers during upcoming construction on I-15 in eastern Idaho, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is turning to new Bluetooth-based roadway sensors that will be present on the I-15 median. These sensors will provide real-time travel information...
News May 18, 2015
The warm California sun will shine this summer on a technologic breakthrough, according to officials at Google. The latest version of the tech giant’s self-driving car prototype will take to public roadways soon. The vehicle, which is described as a pod-like two-seat carrier that operates sans gas...
News January 29, 2013
Caltrans District 8 announced Friday it has begun implementing a variety of traffic control measures to help alleviate congestion on I-10 between Beaumont and Blythe, Calif. The agency hopes the improvements will avoid major traffic incidents like the one on Feb. 12, 2012 that left some motorists...
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